Quorn Bronco Branding

November 4th. 2017

Planning for the third Quorn Bronco Branding, to be held at The Stockyard Arena in Quorn, is well underway. Contact Richard and Sue Murray on 8648 6585 for more information. Please feel free to download the programme and attached letter and share with your contacts and communities.

++ 25th September 2017

Hi to all!

It’s that time of year again where we, Richard & I in conjunction with Stockyard Arena Association of Quorn find a worthy cause to raise funds for, on this occasion we have decided to donate all monies to “Make a Wish Foundation” and also to a family in crisis, Felicity & Simon Plew and their 5 children. It is through my association with Jacki Vonow, a Quorn Ambulance Volunteer and friend that we discovered that her daughter Felicity was having serious health issues, and the reason we have chosen this small, unknown family of seven to most. Felicity 32 years of age and into her 7 month of pregnancy had only just settled into their house in Nhulunbuy NT after making the big move in search of permanent work for her husband, Simon, when symptoms began to show that all was not right. After several appointments with her local Doctor she was airlifted to Darwin for more investigation, and the devastating diagnosis. As the Medical treatment provided in Adelaide is recognised as the best in the country, Felicity was transferred as a priority patient to begin treatment. Once in Adelaide their unborn baby was prepared for an early delivery and within the fortnight on the 24th May 2017, at 33½ weeks, baby Jesse Grahame Plew arrived via caesarean section. Felicity was then given a short period of time to spend with her baby and to recover from her C- Section, then went in to theatre for major brain surgery to remove the offending tumour. Thankfully Felicity coped reasonably well with the procedure but unfortunately only 80% of it could be removed, the remaining tumour would need to be treated with Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy. While Felicity has been enduring this unimaginable condition her husband and family have continued with re-settling in Adelaide and trying to juggle finances, as Simon had to break his work contract to care for a newborn baby and 4 young children. An extremely, stressful, situation for all. We, Richard & I and the Stockyard Arena Committee have already been dedicating the past few months in planning and organising an event to raise much needed funds to help lighten the load and extend a helping hand, and hopefully give the family the opportunity to make their “Wish” come true and spend some quality time with their treasured mum. In highlighting Felicity’s diagnosis, she is fighting the fight of her life and putting all her energy into beating this disease and not about to give up!
On the weekend of November 2017 we will be running two days of Horse n Cattle events, Saturday 4th Bronco Branding & Sunday 5th Team Penning, both extremely popular to participate in as a competitor or to sit back and relax as a spectator, and enjoy the live Band Saturday evening. We are asking companies, local businesses and individuals to generously donate monies or items for auction for this event to help make it successful. The last two events in 2015 & 16 we have successfully raised over $45,000.00 for SA Cancer Council and other families in need, by a committee of dedicated volunteers. Many of our volunteers also contribute a substantial amount of money & items as a donation, as we believe in leading the way to being a more compassionate and caring community. Hoping you can assist us in helping those in need!
Any donation, large or small will be greatly appreciated!

Yours sincerely

Sue & Richard Murray
(Vice President SAA)

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